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Sandalwood Oil

We are one of the Sandalwood Oil Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. Sandalwood Oil is Scientifically known as Santalum Album, which is obtained from the wood and roots of Sandalwood tree by the process of Steam distillation. Indian Sandalwood Oil has always been in great demand all across the globe because of its superior quality. India alone provides 80% of the sandalwood oil required in the world. It is a golden yellow coloured Liquid, which has a woody odor that makes it the base of perfumes. Also, it is used in various cosmetics and drugs owing to its unique medicinal values and pleasant aroma. 

Sandalwood oil and its incense fragrances is in fact one of the most popular products in the World. It is very famous in India, China and Japan. In other parts of the world, it is used for Many diverse applications. Due to the precious nature of the oil obtained from Sandalwood oil, it is also known as liquid gold. Our Sandalwood products are formulated and produced Under the standards of quality control.

Sandalwood Oil Extracts:

In this method the heartwood is first powdered and then steam is passed through this Powdered wood. The steam releases and carries the essential oil in the wood. The steam is Then cooled in order to obtain Sandalwood oil.

Sandalwood Oil is golden yellow in color. It is rich and has a woody sweet fragrance. The oil has a strong scent and lingers on for a longtime.

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Sandalwood Oil (10-Grams)

Sandalwood Oil (10-Grams)
₹ 2,900.00

Sandalwood Oil (25-Grams)

Oil (25-Grams)
₹ 7,250.00

Sandalwood Oil (50-Grams)

Oil (50-Grams)
₹ 14,500.00

Sandalwood Oil (100-Grams)

Oil (100-Grams)
₹ 29,000.00

Sandalwood Oil (250-Grams)

Oil (250-Grams)
₹ 72,500.00

Sandalwood Oil (500-Grams)

Oil (500-Grams)
₹ 1,45,000.00

Sandalwood Oil (1 KG)

Oil (1 KG)Sandalwood Oil Extracts:
₹ 2,90,000.00